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R. Júlio de Castilhos, 757


Search and Rescue in Collapsed Structures with Shoring. Discover and learn to perform the operational techniques used in BREC in a complete course with qualified and experienced instructors.

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R. Júlio de Castilhos, 757, R. Júlio de Castilhos, 757 - Sete de Setembro, Ivoti - RS, 93900-000, Brazil

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  • Risk assessment and monitoring; 
  • Studies on collapsed structures and their behavior; 
  • Structural screening and main INSARAG and FEMA marking systems; 
  • Specialist teams in USAR/US&R; 
  • Team members and their roles 
  • Check-list (USAR readiness international standardization) 
  • Special chapter for security and monitoring workshop; 
  • Organization and start of USAR operations; 
  • Command System; 
  • Command Outpost; 
  • Load handling and stabilization; 
  • building structures; 
  • Types of construction and their patterns; 
  • Collapsed structures and their potential living spaces; 
  • Risk prevention for the team; 
  • Threats to the team in each type of structure; 
  • Risk management to reduce threats; 
  • Security Procedure and Emergency Briefing; 
  • Shoring systems, for the safety of the team. 

Modules as directed by the following International Government Departments:

INSARAG (International Search And Rescue Advisory Group); 

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). 

Duration of the course: 

The Course will be developed in full shift (morning, afternoon) on specific days with an AVERAGE workload of 10  (ten) hours of class daily. 

There will be a Night shift of training.


Course timetable: 

The “BREC Level 1 Course” will last 30 (Thirty) class hours. 

Criteria for filling the vacancy and participation in the Course: 

  • Proven training in pre-hospital care; 
  • Physical and psychological conditions for the practice of exercises; 

Once these criteria are met, the student must be aware that the APPROVED character of this course will take place through daily, detailed assessments in intellectual, theoretical and individual practices, skills and knowledge. 

Number of vacancies: 

The course will have a minimum number of 30 vacancies and a maximum number of 50 vacancies. Secure your spot!


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